Can you pass someone parallel parking?

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Have you ever sat behind someone parallel parking and wondered if you can pass them? Who is at fault if you hit them when passing?

In general, a person who is parallel parking has the right of way to the spot they are occupying and other vehicles must yield the right of way that they have to parallel parking. However, a car may pass a parallel parking car so long as there is room on the other side and the law allows so.

A parallel parking car may not occupy another car lane when they are attempting to park. This means that they may not swing so wide that they come into contact with someone in the lane next to them.

If a car comes in contact with the parallel parking car by trying to pass them without sufficient space, they may be cited for following too closely or not driving in their lane of traffic. However, this does not mean that you have the right to reverse into another car. Each car must be prudent in their attempts to avoid coming into contact with other cars.

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Andrew CherinCan you pass someone parallel parking?

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