Do baby on board stickers work or hurt?

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You know the stickers. You have seen them everywhere. They are usually in the back corner of the rear windshield and is yellow stating baby on board. Does it help people avoid Seattle car accidents? Does it save babies lives in car accidents? What affect does it have on people driving?

Notify Emergency Personnel: The biggest reason people put the baby on board sticker on their cars is in a car accident injury situation to give emergency responders notice that there is a baby in the car so please come to this car first to check on the baby. Another thought is that the baby on board sticker alerts the first responders to not forget about the baby in case there is a car accident and people are injured.

People Drive Slower: Baby on board stickers are good because they can warn people around them to drive carefully because there is a baby on board. This will help them avoid car accidents because Seattle drivers will drive more carefully around them. The thought is that people will drive more carefully around these cars because they want to protect the baby, they have had their own baby and know how important and fragile babies are, or that the person driving the car with a baby has a lot to think about so they may drive a little more erratic with a baby or young children screaming, throwing things, or otherwise distracting them.

Make Moms a Target: Some moms in mom groups believe that baby on board stickers actually puts a target on their car for thieves and potential kidnappers. For this reason, some moms will shy away from putting the baby on board sticker on their car. Mom groups also think that the sign will be a target for stalkers to stalk you and learn your daily routine to steal away your baby or make you an easy target. However, many moms in these forums point out that you can just as easily tell a baby is in the car with the huge car seat in the back seat so the sticker is not a big giveaway as you might think.

Distraction: There is one thought posted in a British website that baby on board stickers actually cause more car accidents because some people fashion the baby on board sticker in a spot that blocks the driver’s view out the back window. Most people know to place stickers that do not block their view in a car so that you can see out the back window. However, if the sticker is placed in an area that blocks part of that view, a Seattle car accident can occur because you may not see someone coming up behind you as you want to switch lanes.

It seems that the best reason to have the sticker is for emergency personnel to go to your car first to check on the baby, who may be more prone to being injured in a Seattle car accident. Additionally, you may see the added benefit of people driving slower and more cautious around you. I mean, who wants to cut off a car with a baby or drive erratic around them? No one.

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Andrew CherinDo baby on board stickers work or hurt?

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