Why you should have your insurance repair your car?

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Many people want the other person’s insurance company to pay for the repairs to their car during a car accident, but here is why you should go through your insurance to get your car repaired. Your insurance will go after the defendant’s insurance for repayment so they don’t get off for free by using your insurance.

  1. Choose your own shop
  2. Get it repaired on your time
  3. Don’t give them an excuse
  4. Your rates won’t go up and they will find out
  5. Your insurance can help determine liability 100% in your favor

1. The first reason to go through your own insurance company to repair your car in a car accident injury case is that you will be able to choose where it is repaired. Your insurance company will generally give you more flexibility to get your car repaired where you want it to be than the defendant’s insurance. The defendant’s insurance company wants to use their guys because they have contracts with them and they know their guy will tell them what they want to hear.

2. The defendant’s insurance company will want to look at your car first before they have the repairs done. This could take a while for them to approve your repairs with their inspector. Using your insurance will allow you to quickly get your car repaired for and paid for.

3. The defendant’s insurance company has a big investment in seeing your car repaired with them so they can take it apart and look at everything in order to estimate the speed of the crash and write a story line that fits their interest. You generally don’t get to see their insured’s vehicle and the repair quote so why should they be able to see yours. Often times the car that causes the car accident has the most damage to their car while the car getting hit won’t have as much depending on the type of car. Rear bumpers are generally more reinforced than front bumpers and may hold up to a hit stronger than the front due to the trunk and the frame reinforcing it versus the engine on the front end and tons of components that are easily damaged.

4. Generally, your insurance company will not have your insurance rates go up for a non fault car accident. However, there are some car insurance companies who will raise your rates no matter on fault. You should shop around if this is the case and they raise your rates. Your insurance company knows there are hundreds of car insurance companies out there that want your business so a little push back from you can go a long way in keeping your rates low. If you decide to go through the defendant’s insurance to repair your car, they will put your name in a database that all insurance companies will be able to see, including your own. Therefore, even though you are trying to hide your car accident from your insurance company they will most likely find out one way or another.

5. If you use your own insurance to repair your car, your insurance company will fight for your to determine liability in your favor quick. Insurance companies will determine who is 100% liable for the car accident in many situations where it is he said she said outside of court quickly. They will then seek reimbursement for the repair costs from the defendant’s insurance company and make them pay. This will lead to a lot less hassle and create more of a focus for you and your attorney to focus on compensation instead of determining fault. Insurance companies like to point the finger for shared responsibility if it means them saving money.

If you have been injured in a car accident, you have a lot of options about going about your case. A trained Seattle personal injury lawyer will give you all the options at your disposal and help guide you to making the right decisions. Consultations are free and attorneys are paid out of the settlement. Everyone can afford an attorney but no one can afford not to hire one.

Andrew CherinWhy you should have your insurance repair your car?

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