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Seattle Bike Accident Injury Car Accidents

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If you are looking for a Seattle Bike Accident Injury Lawyer, there are a lot of variables that you should consider when looking for someone to represent you for your injuries suffered in a bike vs car accident. Bike versus car accident injury cases are some of the most severe cases that can leave the person on the bike extremely injured.

How Bike Riders Can Get Medical Bills Paid Following a Car Accident

If you are injured in a bicycle versus car accident, you probably have very expensive hospital bills and probably need a lot of follow up and physical therapy. Most people cannot afford to pay all of the out of pocket costs that come with major injuries like this and are frustrated by insurance companies who continually deny paying for things. Fortunately, if you hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you, your lawyer will be able to find coverage that you may not have been able to find without their help.

A good Seattle bike accident injury lawyer will be able to find you insurance coverage through the other driver’s PIP policy, your own PIP policy, your own medical insurance, or guarantee to the medical providers that they will get paid out of the settlement if they provide you with the treatment that you need now to get better. Without a personal injury lawyer, you may not be able to get your own auto insurance policy to cover your injuries while you were on a bike and you may be frustrated with your own medical insurance not covering things that they say the defendant’s insurance should cover.

The defendant’s insurance will eventually pay for everything, but they will only pay for everything in one lump sum and will not pay for medical treatment as you go, like a PIP policy. Generally, the insurance company will not pay for your medical bills if you are injured in a car accident. However, if you are injured while riding a bike, as a pedestrian, or while riding as a passenger in the defendant’s car, you are entitled to their PIP policy benefits in addition to what you are entitled to. The PIP policy is good because it pays for bills now rather than later but is usually capped at $10,000.

What is a Bike Rider Injured in a Car Accident Entitled To?

People injured in bike versus car accidents are entitled to get their medical bills paid for, they are entitled to compensation for lost wages, they are entitled to compensation for lost future wages if they are seriously hurt and no longer to work in their same capacity, and they are entitled to pain and suffering.

Lost future wages can be substantial if you required a back surgery, spinal fusion, broken bones, crushed vertebrae, any form of surgery, were paralyzed, suffered a brain injury, etc. Lost future wages are important to be figured into your settlement as this can be $100,000’s or even millions of dollars depending your injuries and your salary and earning potential.

How does a bike rider injured in a car accident maximize their case value?

If you are injured in a bike accident, it is vital that you do not settle your case until all of your injuries are fully healed or healed as best as they can. In Seattle, you have three years to settle your case or file a lawsuit against the person that hit you. If you do not file the lawsuit or settle the case from three years from the date of the bike on car accident, you will lose your ability to recover damages from the defendant forever. However, you do not want to settle your case early.

Many insurance companies will approach you soon after the car accident with what sounds like a lot of money and say take it now or it will be gone. Or you are not hurt that bad and this is the most you can stand to gain from this car accident. These statements could not be further from the truth. It is best to have a Seattle bike accident injury lawyer look at your case before signing anything to make sure your rights are preserved and you maximize your case value.

Contact the Cherin Law Firm today for a free consultation about your Seattle bike accident injury case today. We are paid out of the settlement and never ask for money up front. Therefore, anyone can afford to hire us but you can’t afford not to hire us against the insurance companies.

Andrew CherinSeattle Bike Accident Injury Car Accidents
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What do I tell the insurance company after a car accident?

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After our clients have been injured in a Seattle car accident, two of the first questions they ask us are: “What should I say to the insurance company both mine and the defendant’s? What should I not say to the insurance company?”

The most important thing to keep in mind when speaking with an insurance company is to be very cautious and guarded, even if it is your own insurance company, because their mission is to find out whatever information benefits them.

You may think that they have your best interests at heart, but they are a business and thus they want to save money by paying as little as possible to you for your car accident injuries. This means that they will either try to minimize your claim or deny it altogether, depending on the information they obtain from you. This is why it is best if you say as little as possible. Anything you say can be twisted to be used against you and in favor of the other party.



When dealing with the other driver’s insurance company, it is best if you only give objective information that is requested, such as the date of the Seattle car accident, your insurance policy information, and your contact information, and that you would like to talk to your personal injury lawyer if more information is requested. You only want to give them information when they request it and nothing more.

Most people will down play their injuries initially because they don’t want to be looked at as weak or meager. Additionally, people don’t want to say they are injured and how bad because they are uncomfortable talking about their pain and vulnerability after a car accident. For this reason, many men do not file a personal injury case against the insurance company and will rather tough out injuries and not seek treatment unless they need surgery.

In terms of your own insurance company, you have an obligation under your insurance contract to speak with them, but you still want to be very cautious about anything you sign or about giving a recorded statement. In your recorded statement it is ok to consult with your attorney before talking. Additionally, you can say that you do not know the extent of your injuries and you are currently seeking medical treatment for the injuries you suffered in the car accident.

If you have been injured in a Seattle car accident, you should think about talking to a Seattle personal injury lawyer first to determine your rights and what you are entitled to. You could be entitled to $10,000 or more for your car accident injury case. Best of all, consultations are free and Seattle personal injury lawyers are only paid out of the settlement and do not charge anything if we cannot recover anything for you. Anyone can afford a personal injury lawyer but you can’t afford not to have one against the insurance company.



Andrew CherinWhat do I tell the insurance company after a car accident?
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LimeBikes Littering Streets and No Helmets?

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You have seen them every where in Seattle, lately. They are littering the streets, literally. Lime Bikes is a company that has been granted a permit by the city of Seattle to offer up bikes for temporary usage around the city with purchase by your smart phone. This is another effort by the city of Seattle to create a more green and pedestrian friendly downtown free of cars.

Lime Bikes are different from other bike sharing companies as these bikes are free standing and do not require a docking station to lock up the bikes. The bikes merely can be left on the sidewalk, which is unappealing to many and an eye sore. Lime Bikes have a locking mechanism and a kick stand to keep the bike up right. But the bikes are literally littering the city. LimeBike requests customers to find a spot to park the bike that doesn’t interfere with pedestrians and cars but leaving them on grass cutouts near parked cars makes the appearance of junk sitting out.

Legality of LimeBikes not coming with helmets is another concern. LimeBikes do not come with helmets, which is a law in King County. LimeBike has a disclaimer and informs users that it is against the law to ride a bike without a helmet but who carries a helmet around with them? Most riders I have seen have been taking the bikes for spins without helmets, which the bikes do not prevent you from riding if you don’t have a helmet.

What could LimeBike do to combat the helmet issue? Have helmets attached to the bikes! How is this so hard in today’s world. Yes, there are many different size heads but there are adjustable helmets. People will steal the helmets? Why would they want to steal a helmet and there are methods to prevent the helmet from leaving the bike. What about sanitary helmets? Helmets can include sanitary hair nets to make sure lice and other hair bacteria isn’t transmitted.

To not have a helmet attached to the bike or a nearby helmet dispensary is negligence on the part of LimeBike and could expose them to lawsuits by people who are injured in bike on car accidents or any other accident where the rider hits their head. Studies have shown that people who do not wear a helmet on a bike are much more likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury or death as a result.

LimeBike seems like a cool idea but there are some big kinks to be worked out like biker safety and zones to leave bikes. Yes, it is nice to have a bike readily available but at what cost? It doesn’t have to litter the streets like junk at the expense of the community and being an eye sore. Docking stations are much cleaner and preferred. We don’t need bikes lining the streets and sidewalks like abandoned property, we already have a large homeless problem that liters the streets, sadly.

If you have been injured on a LimeBike, you may have some recourse. Give me a call for a free consultation. Why should this company profit off of just throwing bikes out into the street with little or no responsibility hiding behind a waiver that will not stand up in court? It won’t and can’t.


Andrew CherinLimeBikes Littering Streets and No Helmets?
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Seattle Pot Holes and Bike Accidents

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Who is at fault if you hit and crash in one of the many potholes around Seattle on a bike? 

While many people may say that someone should have seen a pothole and got out of the way, some times it is impossible to see a pothole on the street depending on the conditions, depth of the pothole, and how many other people are on the road.

Seattle is becoming notorious for not filling potholes in quickly enough. I am sure you will encounter a pothole on the next drive you take after reading this blog. Whether it is because the city has too many potholes to deal with, they are lazy, or they don’t have time to get to them, the city is responsible for filling pot holes and making sure people are safe on the roads.

The city of Seattle is responsible for filling potholes on city streets and some other roads as well. If a bicyclist is injured because they run into a pothole, the city is responsible for the resulting injuries including bicycle replacement, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If there are permanent injuries, the city is also responsible for future lost wages, future medical bills, and other damages resulting from the fall.

If you are injured by a fall due to a pothole in Seattle, you need to hurry to preserve your case. Generally, there is a three year statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Seattle, Washington. This means that you have three years to file a lawsuit or settle a case against the city of Seattle. In addition to this, the city has a notice requirement that states that you must give them 60 days advance notice before filing a lawsuit against the city, in accordance with RCW 4.96.020. This means you must fill out a claim form on Seattle’s municipal website and mail it in to them following the directions on the website.

If you are injured in a bike accident on a Seattle street, it is best to contact a Seattle personal injury lawyer to figure out your rights and compensation possibly owed to you. Most offer free consultations and are paid out of the settlement. This means that everyone can afford a personal injury lawyer, but you cannot afford to not hire one.


Andrew CherinSeattle Pot Holes and Bike Accidents
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