Stigmatism around suing ill founded?

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When people are injured in car accidents, they ask themselves should they “sue” the person that caused the car accident. When people think “suing” someone, they think going to trial. When people think going to trial, they think having to testify. When they think about testifying, they think, “will people actually believe me or think of me as greedy.”

Why do people believe that if a car accident injury case for personal injury damages goes to trial the person who filed the lawsuit was not really hurt?

Why has America gotten this crazy idea that everyone who makes a case against the insurance company or hires a lawyer has to file a lawsuit to get a settlement and associates this with “suing” someone? This line of thinking is propagated throughout American culture where people don’t want to be that person that “sues” someone over a car accident injury. They don’t want to be thought of in the same clout the McDonald’s coffee case – which has been extremely unfairly characterized by the media and modern society.

Who controls most of the television airwaves with billions of dollars spent on commercials every year? The insurance companies.

Who benefits from this line of thinking where people don’t want to use their insurance to pay for a car accident – even though everyone in the US who drives a car pays $1,000’s of dollars each year on for this very situation – because they believe their insurance rates will go up if they make a claim? Who benefits from someone not making a claim against the other person’s insurance company because they don’t want to cause problems for that person or be looked at as greedy? The insurance company is the answer.

We need to change this line of thinking if we are ever going to truly compensate everyone who deserves to be compensated for devastating injuries to those who have suffered minor injuries. Everyone needs to be compensated for something they have suffered even if it is only worth compensating them $1,000 plus paying for their chiropractic or physical therapy treatment to stop their constant neck or back pain while driving or working. Doesn’t everyone deserve a good night’s sleep or the ability to function without pain like they did before the car accident injuries?

Who actually pays when you sue someone?

The insurance company is the one that hires the lawyers to defend the person that caused the car accident injuries. The insurance company is the one who will pay if there is an award at trial by the judge or jury to compensate the person injury in the car accident. The insurance company is the one who pays if you settle a case. There is almost no chance the person that causes a car accident will have to pay out of pocket because everyone has insurance and is required to have insurance. Everyone thinks why would you do that to this person or that person when a lawsuit is filed against someone but is COMPLETELY ILL FOUNDED. The insurance company is the one who is going to write the check and the other person may have to pay $100 more a year. Would you save someone $100 and the insurance company $100,000 because someone says you shouldn’t sue the person that caused the car accident or go after their insurance?

Everyone can afford to hire a lawyer but you cannot afford not to hire one – most cases don’t go to trial.

Hiring a Seattle personal injury lawyer to represent you for a car accident injury case does not mean that we are going to have to “sue” someone. To the contrary, most cases are settled with insurance companies outside of court for fair compensation without having to file a lawsuit/sue someone. Most people do not know this because of society’s view on hiring a lawyer and associating that with filing a lawsuit every time. Everyone needs a lawyer for their personal injury car accident case to negotiate a fair settlement but not everyone hires one because of this stigmatism.

Andrew CherinStigmatism around suing ill founded?

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